Entrepreneur searching for next big opportunity discovers Transworld Business Advisors

Nilesh Wadhwani has invested much of his life into building businesses. In looking for his next big deal, he discovered the Transworld Business Advisors opportunity.

When Nilesh Wadhwani had reached a point of steady success with each of the four business ventures he had already built up, the serial entrepreneur was ready for a challenge in a new direction. Coming from a family background where his dad owned a number of businesses, Nilesh soon followed the strong example he had observed, growing up in India. This included starting-up businesses both here in the UK, and in New Zealand. “I never want to become stagnant. So each time I know my business can continue to run without my day-to-day involvement, I look for the next big deal. I think it’s important to keep growing.”

Running a business stems from big dreams and high expectations. Many budding entrepreneurs see the impressive results of other entrepreneurs, and want this themselves. As Nilesh explains, “Before I moved to the UK, I’d had a taste of the big opportunities in brokerage, managing the portfolios of clients looking to invest in profitable businesses. This was something I was interested in doing more of. There are those who call themselves brokers, but they are not really brokers; they themselves are not business minded, so don’t actually understand what business owners need.”

Nilesh started looking online for tips on how to start a brokerage business when he discovered Transworld Business Advisors. They perfectly suited what he wanted to accomplish. Transworld began 40 years ago in Fort Lauderdale, and has grown the world over, including here in the UK, based on their successful business model and using their bespoke business brokerage systems. “Transworld attracted me because of the way they work, and because of the credibility of those involved. Most of the franchisees, are already businessmen. They know exactly what they are talking about, and how to speak their clients’ language.

“My philosophy has always been, ‘If you don’t have experience in something you want to do, join hands with someone who has.’ This way, you learn from their years of collective experience, incorporating it into your new mindset as you learn.”

Franchising offers a solution, reducing the risk of starting a business from scratch, giving you an opening to establish your own business quickly. Even more so when it comes to running a professional brokerage business, when trust becomes the most crucial element for success. Transworld has already done the preparation, identifying what separates a Transworld broker, from their competitors, based on four decades of dealing with people.

In 2017, Nilesh began his Transworld journey, just two weeks after meeting with the franchise owners. After speaking with the franchisor, he felt inspired to start helping connect business owners over the sale of a business. Transworld MD, Henry Ziff, along with his father Michael, have been available to advise Nilesh as he begins his Transworld business. “My first deal was challenging. One of my most promising buyers seemed especially keen on the opportunity. I was always on the phone to the Transworld support. In following their advice I became proactive about the deal, rather than risk him losing interest. By tapping into their broker experience and knowledge, I knew when to let go, and when to hang on tight, and my buyer now enjoys his new business.”

Transworld Business Advisors focus on developing a trustworthy relationship with their clients, so they can match them to the best deal at the right time. “Trust is a big thing within the Transworld network,” Nilesh says. “I felt I could trust Henry and Michael when I first met them. I find them to be investible because of the experience they have behind them. I want my clients to have the same confidence in me, to know they can trust me as a businessman who knows exactly what I am doing. If I lose clients’ trust, it becomes harder to seal the deal.”

Since he opened his new business at the end of 2017, Nilesh has been able to take control of his future success, by following the principles established by the Transworld success. “The training I received with Transworld was world-class. I thrived on the passion and experience everyone in the room had. Having access to all of it for myself, in spite of having limited personal experience, has put me in a stronger position, than if I had gone into business by myself. There is only so much you can learn in the classroom, but when you actually start – that’s when the real learning takes place. Every deal you do gives you experience.”

Most successful entrepreneurs tell you it is important to take time away from the office; rather than hindering productivity, it makes you more productive. Balancing your drive for success with enjoying life, matters to the Transworld model. Nilesh, too, has always carved out space for ‘his’ time, “I like to be able to switch off and not think about work for a while, I think it is important to be able to balance work with play. The easiest way for me is through sports. I play a lot of sports.”

Nilesh is at the start of his Transworld journey, and is grateful to have the experience of the Transworld network around him. He knows he has more to learn, as he seeks to reach the first of his business milestones. “I hope to at least close one deal a month – an achievable target. It’s less about the ticket size, and more about building up my experiences as a broker, at this stage. Then after I’ve reached this – my expectations for what I can do with my Transworld business will increase as my experience grows. If I can do it, supported by the Transworld Franchise Support Team, anyone can.”

If you’re ready to put your business mindset to work for your own future success, supported by the experience of Transworld Business Advisors, let’s start a conversation. Call Henry Ziff on 0203 911 1059 today, or click the link to download our brochure.

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